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Please note because this is not software we do not offer refunds once you have downloaded any product.

Manage your text styles with ease

Figma is an incredible tool, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. One of these – especially when working with design systems – is the inability to change text styles en masse.

For example, when you’re experimenting with changing the typography used across your product. This is a much needed feature in our opinion, so we went ahead and built it ourselves.

Browse to the plugin via Figma's internal menu, or view on the Figma community plugin page.

This plugin is 100% Free for anyone to use and we will be pushing improvements until Figma makes this native.

Support for both major properties and type details

Change everything, from font weight and size to case, and decoration.

Change all your text styles at once

Rapidly test different typography styles throughout your website or product, be it a completely different typeface or granular details.