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Email Templates
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Please note because this is not software we do not offer refunds once you have downloaded any product
The Straple Icon pack has been designed inside of Adobe illustrator providing the user with an .ai file, and sketch file and a figma file. Each icon has been perfectly crafted on a baseline grid for balance and perfection.

Email Specifications

The Straple Icon pack has been designed inside of Adobe illustrator providing the user with an .ai file, and sketch file and a figma file. Each icon has been perfectly crafted on a baseline grid for balance and perfection.

Emailer Mailchimp

We have made our templates fully editable inside of mailchimp, meaning you can repeat, edit and hide any of the content using the mailchimp CMS.

Simply import your mailchimp template and start editing in either code, design or campaign, they're totally flexible.

Emailer Campaign Monitor

Our Campaign Monitor templates are completely editable, using all of CM's tagging system, meaning you can repeat and edit any of the content using the Campaign Monitor interface.

Simply import your Campaign Monitor template and start editing in either code, design or campaign, they're totally flexible.

Campaign Monitor
Straple Full Version

What's included?

From your brands first steps to the finishing touches.

  • Full brand book inside Figma & Sketch
  • Brand tools helping to define brand
  • High quality mockup packs
  • Brand collateral, business cards, stationary, flyers and more. Print ready.
  • Flow Kit map your user journeys in Figma and Sketch
  • Atomic design system
  • UI Kit built in Figma, Sketch, React Native & JS
  • 50+ Deck slides in Keynote and Powerpoint
  • React Native & JS design system and UI kit
  • Design system portal
  • 200+ Icon set in Figma, Sketch, SVG and as a font
  • Email Templates in Sketch, Figma, HTML, Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp
  • Custom made Anthro Sans font family *
  • Social templates in Figma and Sketch

We aim to release regular content updates to everyone who buys Straple Design System and as always they're FREE updates
* Anthro font is only available with the Straple Full Version or to purchase on its own.

Look at all
this stuff

Branding Tools

Color PalettesTypography

The brand tools are designed to help you with exploration during the early stages of brand development. The brand positioning and typography spectrums allow you to establish a birds-eye view of competitor brands and position yourself accordingly.

Where your customers
see you

Position your brand
among the competition

Plot your competitors on the brand spectrum to assess where they sit in relation to one another. Use this to position your brand accordingly and begin planning your strategy.

Explore, evaluate and
compare color palettes

Color is a crucial aspect of your brand identity, dictating how and with whom you communicate. Using Brand Tools, you can generate multiple color palettes and adjust until everyone’s happy.

Straple Brand Book Template

Brand Book Template


Created in Figma, Sketch and Illustrator, the Brand Book is designed to help you define and document everything to do with your organisations Brand Identity. From logo, mission statement and tone of voice to typography and color.

Everything you need
to define and maintain
your brand

  • Logo
  • Color
  • Type
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Purpose
  • Culture
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Traits
  • Application of Brand
Brand Book Features

Brand Narrative Guides

Knowing how to write an organic and compelling brand narrative can seem daunting. To make this easier, we've placed a guide layer within each file.

These guides cover how we approach writing brand narrative with helpful advice, so you can get started communicating your brand the best way possible.

Standalone Brand Book
Brand Book Guides
Straple Brand Book Portal

Straple Portal
(Self Hosting)

With Self Hosting your dev team are able to build a version of the Portal with a simple install, this allows you to host all your Brand Narrative and assets to share with your entire team. Providing brand consistency for everyone to align with.

Straple Portal
(Brand Guides)

With the Straple Design System you have access to the Portal which contains everything from the design files, however you can access the guides anytime from your account.

Deck Templates


Designed for you in fully editable templates within both Powerpoint and Figma. Perfect for those early investor meetings, general guides or just a plain old deck.

Straple Brand Book Portal
Decks Placeholders
Edit using

All slides in Keynote & Powerpoint are set as placeholder information, allowing you to edit anything and everything. The Keynote file contains styles allowing you to apply your brand quickly and consistently.

Standalone Straple Decks

Simple Brand Application

With both versions of the Straple Decks you can quickly update styles and type, allowing you to maintain brand consistency.

We have also provided an example so you can see with context how applying simple changes can lift your presentations.

All our decks are designed to remove subjectivity while maintaining good design principles, allowing you to leverage your creativity and narrative shine.

Brand Book Guides

Flow Kit


Create effortless flows and maps for your new products. We have created a fully responsive library of desktop and mobile components to help create the most efficient flows.

Rapid prototyping
Straple Brand Book Portal

Create efficient workflows for your projects

  • Mobile & Desktop
  • 14 Content Categories
  • Connectors
  • Annotations
  • Gestures
  • Simple Elements

Userflows and sitemaps have never been easier

Create rapid wireframes and sitemaps using the Straple layouts, annotations and connectors. Built out for simplicity and efficiency.

The Straple Framework


The Straple Framework is built to allow the simplest and most consistent edits across all your materials. Swap colors and type in seconds and watch it automatically update throughout your workflow.

Straple Framework

A framework that builds on consistency, efficiency and saving time

  • Typography
  • Color Palettes
  • Buttons
  • Tables
  • Design Atoms
  • Forms & Inputs
  • UI Elements
  • Map Vectors
  • Data Visualisation
  • Integrated Icon Set

A framework for rapidly editing your products & brand all in one place

Take control with the Straple framework. Rapidly adjust colours, type and elements inside the pre-made framework. Available for both Figma and Sketch. All colors are "Stark" Checked for Accessibility.

Switch out content and watch it update across your product

With the Straple Framework you will be editing content in seconds, saving you time across your designs.

Switching content

The Straple Framework (Code)


Straple allows developers to create products and experiences even faster by leveraging reusable components and consistent styles which can be updated quickly and effortlessly. By building base components, developers have more time to create unique work rather than start from scratch.

Base components
save time
Straple Framework Code


  • Reusable Components
  • Consistent Styles
  • Extensive Framework
  • React JS & Native
  • Minimise Production Time
  • Full Reference Library
  • Fully Customisable
  • Self Hosted Design Library

With fully tested components, developers can just start writing code rather than having to deal with all the associated boilerplate

With a range of components from buttons to drop-downs to calendars, development time can be focused on key areas, not reinventing the wheel.

Endless flexibility is possible by either using the predefined properties and variables to create a style

Or choose to go completely custom and change how the components look and feel, whilst still keeping all the benefits of Straple.

Switching content

The Design System Library


Play, adjust and experience every component using the live preview. Understand how components work and how they can be customised to suit your experiences.

Create your own previews using a local version of the portal, allowing you to create consistent experiences for all your developers.

Once you purchase the Straple Full Design System you will also have access to the library as a point of reference including the brand guides.

Straple Design System Portal

UI Kit (Framework Extended)


Take your designs to a new level with our fully responsive and customisable UI Kit.

Straple UI KitStraple UI KitStraple UI KitStraple UI Kit



The Mockups pack has been created inside of Adobe Photoshop utilising smart object layers. Each layer is customisable and has been created for your simplicity. Simply click the layer, make an adjustment and you’re done.

Quickly see your
brand in all its glory
Mockup Examples

Give your brand an advantage with the best mockups

  • Lanyards
  • Business Cards
  • Cups
  • Tablets
  • Mobile
  • Billboards
  • Flags
  • Hoodies

Show up in style with the highest quality assets

We're always creating new assets and when purchasing The Full Design System this includes mockups and new ones are added for free, so you'll always have the latest assets to present your brand.

All mockups are photographed professionally at a super high resolution so can be used in print and online

Special attention to detail and realism is a key focus with most of the time spent on lighting and textures. All layers are available for both novice editors and advanced allowing you to tweak color, lighting effects and texture details.

Mockup Detail

Straple Icon Set


The Straple Icons pack has been designed inside of Adobe Illustrator, then optimised for Sketch and Figma. Each icon has been individually crafted on a baseline grid for balance and perfection.

Icons Example
Perfectly Crafted Icons

Perfectly crafted and fully scalable

  • Font Awesome Unicode Match
  • Icon Font
  • Line Weight Adjustable
  • Fill Available
  • Fully Customizable
  • Figma & Sketch Integrated

Social Media Templates


The Social Media kit provides templates to preview posts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Including previews for both feed and individual post views. Available for both Figma and Sketch.

See your posts
in situ
Social Preview

Preview all of your social media feeds in one place

Your social media presence is a crucial aspect of your brand. With the Social Media kit, we’ve recreated the major platform interfaces to create contextual previews of your content in situ.

All major social media platforms covered

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Feed
  • Post
Social Media Examples

Email Templates


The Straple Email templates have been designed in both Figma and Sketch as well as being outputted in both Campaign monitor and Mailchimp as HTML templates.

Straple Collateral Examples
Email Features

Fully Customisable Email Templates for Everyone

  • Campaign Monitor Build
  • Mailchimp Templates
  • Figma Designs
  • Sketch Designs
  • Plain HTML
  • Fully Tested (Including Spam)
  • Outlook Compliant

Designs & HTML built for your ease of use

We have designed and built each email category your business will need. Designed inside Figma & Sketch and built inside of Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp make things super simple.

Email Templates

Straple Collateral


The Collateral Template Pack is designed to help you get up and running with your Marketing collateral as soon as possible. With 13 print-ready Adobe Illustrator template files, just place your artwork and send them off to the printer, saving you time and technical hiccups.

Straple Collateral Examples

Preview your templates as mockups

Want to preview your collateral before sending it to print? Export your artwork and apply to mockups to check and evaluate work before its too late.

Collateral Files

Get ready for your next pitch or event with our templates

  • Adverts
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Lanyards
  • Letterheads
Anthro Font Example

Anthro Font


‘Anthro’ font is a humanist sans serif. Weights are available Light through Bold with a variable file included.

Only available with Straple Full,
or purchased from the font page separately.

Anthro Structure

Humanist San Serif, user focused digital typeface

  • Crafted for digital screens
  • Focus on readability
  • Variable functionality
  • Light weight to bold
  • Simple licensing
  • 1 domain license
  • 5 User desktop license
  • 1 App deployment

Contact us for further licensing options

Anthro Weights
Anthro Type Layouts

Font Family

Anthro Font Family
Email Templates
A peep at some distant orb has power to raise and purify our thoughts like a strain of sacred music, or a noble picture, or a passage from the grander poets. It always does one good.

Anthro Varible Font

It was special to understand the individually.
Lowercase Characters
Uppercase Characters
Numberical Characters
Accents Characters
Math & Currency
Math Characters
Punctuation & Symbols
Symbols Characters

Character Map

Licensing Explained


Licensing is not tied to number of visitors or page views but to the domains & servers it's hosted on. Each purchase allows for 1 domain with additional domains being available to purchase.


As always the number of users is limited to 5 desktop users


App is limited to per platform deployment, i.e Apple or Android. other localised software should also be noted.

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Send out high quality email builds with the Straple Templates

Start reaching out to your audience, with our crafted email templates
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Email Templates
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Send out high quality email builds with the Straple Templates

Start reaching out to your audience, with our crafted email templates
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Meticulously Coded

We have tried to make the use of these email templates as simple as possible, structured in a way that's easy to understand or simply drag into your chosen email service like mailchimp or campaign monitor.

Comment blocks make it easy to see the structure and edit when necessary.

Pre-built in both Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

The Straple Email templates have not only been designed in both Figma and Sketch, we have also pre-built them for you in Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.